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Longterm Group Construction on October 24, 2022

The weather is sunny today. Our company organized an autumn tour for all employees. The activities include two-person, three-legged, tug-of-war competitions, cross-country competitions and so on. Our company upholds
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360-Degree Painting Powder Coating Line for LPG Gas Cylinders, CNG Cylinder Electrostatic Painting

A. Process flow diagram and Technical Parameter This line consists of powder coating chamber, booth, curing bake, suspend conveyor and electric control system. No Name Transit time Working temperature
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Automatic Paint Spraying Machine

Powder Coating Line Specifications as below: Max. workpiece size: Φ300xH570mm,Φ360xH1055mm Workpiece weight: ≤35kg Braced chain: QXT250/50Kg light chain Machine capacity: 250pcs/hour Heating source: Nature gas Hanging type: One cylinder
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Powder Coating Machine / Spray Paint Line For Automotive Wheels Hub

Powder Coating production for Wheel Hub This series of special powder coatings for aluminum wheel-hub is designed by our company for inner wheel-hub protection and surface vanish. It has
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The Difference between Coating Processes

Coating Line Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co., Ltd. is an influential manufacturer of coating equipment,environment-protective plating equipment, green environment-protective powder, and other specialized coating production. Our company pays attention
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Painting in vertical mode For Euroimpianti, to provide vertical painting plant means to provide a complete system made of high quality materials, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, great flexibility
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Powder Coating Line


Painting in horizontal mode EuroHorizontal is the horizontal coating system for aluminium profiles and other products, for example gate, garage doors, blinds and all those metal objects with large
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Painting in manual mode Komby is an industrial manual coating plant suitable for low production and for retouching, as it gives the ability to upload metal pieces whose surfaces
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rail transit powder coating


UV-IR Cured Powder Coating Plant Elios is an ecological system for industrial coating that allows powder paint application for all 3D items. Until now, the unique structure of the
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Coating process using a stepwise movement. Eurocar is the industrial coating plant designed for large metal items painting. This semi-automatic painting system is ideal for pieces whose large dimensions
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