Auto parts, rail transit finish coating/powder coating/spraying line

Fully automatic electrophoresis spray painting coating line for auto part,transit rail

Pre-treatment system

Pre-treatment adopts suitable silane environmental protection processre-treatment adopts suitable silane environmental protection process

Curing oven

Curing oven adopts full bridge type to save the energy. Internal curing oven adopts 0.8mm galvanized steel plate, external curing oven adopts 0.8mm color plate.

Chain system

Adopt QXT200/30KG, double tension and drive, frequency converter control. Equips with C type hanger and oil connection plate.




1 This equipment consists of pre-treatment, electrophoresis, curing drying tunnel, catenary system, electrical control system, etc.

2. Pre-processing and post-processing.


4. Introduction of conveying method

5.Introduction to the curing tunnel

6.Introduction of electronic control system


Detailed Image

The whole line includess pre-treatment, electrophoresis, curing oven, chain system, electrical control system etc.

pre-treatment, electrophoresis

Auto car coating

Auto car parts coating

Conveyor chains




A. Workpiece size/specification,weight and process requirements(Powder coating or painting? ) 
B. Plant foundatation drawing,including plant height(the height between factory beam to the ground) and loading&unloading position 
C. Heating energy:Electric,LPG or LNG? 
D. The environmental requirements of your local government
E. Voltage
F. Daily and annual capacity 


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