Elevator, construction machinery Pre-Treatment Powder Coating

Main configuration requirements
◎ Water pumps are from Nanfang Pumps;
◎ R / O reverse osmosis components are imported from the United States;
◎ Quartz sand tank and activated carbon tank are made of FRP, other filter tanks are made of stainless steel;
◎ The metering pump is imported from the United States;
◎ The water tank is made of PE material.


The production line consists of a surface pre-treatment machine, a drying and curing oven, powder coating, a curing drying tunnel, a hanging conveyor, and an electrical control system.

elevator powder coating
No. Process Name Time Processing temperature Processing method
1 Loading RT manually
2 Pre-degreasing 1.0Min 40-60 Spray
3 Main-degreasing 2.0Min 40-60 Spray
4 wash 0.8Min Normal temperature Spray
5 Pure water wash 0.8Min Normal temperature Spray
6 Direct spray of pure water 0.12Min Normal temperature Spray
7 Silane 1.5Min 1535 Spray
8 Pure water wash2 0.8Min Normal temperature Spray
9 Direct spray of pure water 0.12Min Normal temperature Spray
10 Dripping
11 Moisture drying 8-10Min 100-140 Natural gas heating
12 Cool down 10Min Free cooling
13 Powder Coating RT Automatic + Manual
14 Curing 20-25Min 180-220 Natural gas heating
15 Cool down 15-20Min RT Free cooling
16 Unloading manually

After the workpiece passes through the surface pre-processing machine, the dust and oil stains attached to the surface of the workpiece are first removed, and then the film is processed to form a coating on the surface of the workpiece that is resistant to corrosion, strong adhesion and stable chemical properties. Improve the adhesion of powder coatings.

wuxi longterm elevator-powder-coating-line

Equipment main configuration:
No. Name Specification Number
1、 Eight-station spray booth Shower top and side panels are SUS304 δ1.2mm 1 Set
Spray floor is SUS304 δ2.0mm
2、 Pre-degreasing tank Out panel SUS304 δ1.0mm 1 Set
Inner panel SUS304 δ2.0mm
3、 Main-degreasing tank Out panelSUS304δ1.0mm 1 Set
Inner panelSUS304δ2.0mm
4、 Silane tank Out panelSUS304δ1.0mm 1 Set
Inner panelSUS304δ2.0mm
5、 Wash 1-3 tanks Out panelSUS304δ1.0mm 3 Set
Inner panelSUS304δ2.0mm
6、 Submersible pump stainless steel 6 Sets
7、 Spray main pipe stainless steel 6 Sets
8、 Spray pipe stainless steel 8 Sets
9、 Water supply and return lines Galvanized pipe Full Set
10、 Brush protection nylonM 90M
11、 Film bag filter 90Ton/Hour 1 Set
12、 boiler 700,000 kcal 1 Set
13、 Pure water equipment 2.5Ton/Hour 1 Set

Sprinkler System

The spray device is composed of a spray pump, a pressure relief valve, a pressure gauge, a spray main pipe, a spray riser and a universal ball nozzle. The flow rate and pressure of each pump can be adjusted through the throttle adjustment valve and pressure gauge, and the pressure adjustment range is 0.5 ~ 1.5Kg.f / cm2 The spray main is made of stainless steel pipe; the spray riser is made of stainless steel pipe. The film spraying section adopts W-type atomizing nozzles, and the remaining spraying sections adopt V-type nozzles. The total amount of nozzles is 960. The nozzle is made of polypropylene and has a heat resistance and chemical stability. The liquid storage tank is provided with alarms for the liquid level above and below, and is interlocked with the spray pump. Storage tank blowdown valve stainless steel wafer type butterfly valve.

Tank The inner panel of the tank is δ2.0mm thick SUS304, and the outer panel of all tanks is δ0.8mm thick SUS304. The inside and outside of the heating tank are insulated by 50mm thick high-quality rock wool, which has good insulation performance. All tanks are equipped with double stainless steel 10 mesh screen filters. Between the pre-greasing and main degreasing tanks, water washing 1 and pure water washing 1, a connecting pipe is provided, and a DN65 galvanized steel pipe is used. The countercurrent water replenishment method can improve the cleaning effect and save resources. There are two slopes at the bottom of all tanks, which can completely discharge the slag in the tank. The inner plates of the tank are all through welding, and after the water loading test, it is ensured that the welding is firm and does not leak. The membrane tank is equipped with a set of 90 ton/hour bag filters.

Pump system

This system is equipped with 6 pumps. The outlet of the spray pump body is provided with a pressure relief bypass, and the pump flow and pressure are adjusted by a bypass valve.

Valves and fittings The stainless steel spray line uses stainless steel valves. A copper ball valve is used for the water pipe. The pre-treatment spray branch pipe is connected with the riser by a union. The connection between the pretreatment supervisor and the supervisor, and between the supervisor and the pump are flanged and bolted. All pipes can be easily removed.

wuxi longterm elevator-painting-booth
Auxiliary equipment

The pre-degreasing tank is equipped with a set of the oil-water separator to remove the oil stains in the pre-degreasing tank and effectively control the composition of the tank liquid. relatively stable. A set of pipelines for driving the degreasing tank liquid into the pre-greasing tank is also provided. The silane tank is equipped with a set of automatic liquid adding device, the main configuration is as follows: PH meter × 1 unit and metering pump × 1 unit (preferred brand: Pasfida), and the medicine is automatically added, which is a closed-loop system. The silane tank is equipped with a stainless steel bag filter to remove impurities in the tank and improve the utilization rate of the tank liquid. All tanks are equipped with a lower limit alarm system to prevent dry liquid from damaging the main spray pump. Rotor flowmeters are all installed in the fresh pure water direct injection pipelines, which can easily observe the specific water consumption. The rotor flowmeters use domestic high-quality brands. There is an artificial water blowing platform (1) and a compressed air blowing gun at the pre-treatment outlet.

Pure water equipment

1. R / O terminal water output of primary reverse osmosis system: 2.5 tons/hour.

2. Outlet conductivity of reverse osmosis system: less than 20us / cm.

3. Raw water quality: The buyer provides a water quality report.

4. System recovery rate: about 70%.

5. Process flow: Raw water → raw water pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → precision filter → high-pressure pump → reverse osmosis R / O device → Terminal water tank → Terminal water pump → Process water


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