Lamp, Home Appliances, Electric Switch Powder Coating Line

  • Material: Cold rolled, Hot galvanized steel plate (thickness: 0.6~1.2mm)
  • Work-piece dimension (L*W*H): 1200*600*2100, single hanger
  • Hanging method: Single spot, with C-type hanger
  • Suspension chain: QXT250/50KG, height: 1050mm
  • Maximum. work-piece weight: Single hanger<50KG
  • Line processing speed: 7.0 m/min
  • Speed adjustable range: 0.5-9.0 m/min
  • Heating energy: Nature gas


Lamp, Home Appliances, Electric Switch Powder Coating Line

Lamp, Home Appliances, Electric Switch Powder Coating Line Technical process & Parameter

Lamp, Home Appliances, Electric Switch Powder Coating Line is composed of surface combined pre-treatment machine, drying channel, powder spraying, curing oven, suspension conveyor, electrical control system and so on.

No. Process name Passing time
1 Loading 120 / Manual
2 Hot water washing 45 1555 Hot water heating
3 Pre degreasing 60 1555 Hot water heating
4 Main degreasing 120 1555 Hot water heating
5 Water cleaning 1 45 R.T
6 Water cleaning 2 45 R.T Inflow water clean 1
7 Pure water spraying 1 6 R.T Inflow water clean 2
8 Silicane 90 R.T
9 Water cleaning 3 45 R.T
10 Pure water cleaning 1 45 R.T Inflow water clean 3
11 Pure water spraying 2 6 R.T Inflow pure water clean 1
12 Drying 720 120140 Temp can be adjusted
13 Cooling 600 Natural cooling
14 Powder coating / / Auto + Manual
15 Curing 1200 180210 Temp can be adjusted
16 Cooling 480 Natural cooling
17 Unloading 120 / Manual


Lamp, Home Appliances, Electric Switch Powder Coating Line Technical features

3.1 Lamp, Home Appliances, Electric Switch Powder Coating Line consists of pre-treatment, drying channel, powder curing oven, suspension chain system, isolation room, powder room system and electric control system.

3.2 Pre-processing.
The environmental protection production process of film formation (silane) is adopted in the pre-treatment.
The pre-treatment adopts full spray process, the spray shed and liquid storage tank are all made of stainless steel, and the spray side plate is made of double-layer plate. To ensure no leakage, thermal insulation cotton is added between the two layers of the heating section, and the outer plate is plug-in type. This structure has the functions of beauty, noise reduction and saving.
The spray pipe adopts stainless steel pipe and PP pipe, and the PVC quick joint is used to connect with the main pipe, which is convenient for disassembly, washing and maintenance.
The side plate of the liquid storage tank is made of double-layer stainless steel, which is covered with rock wool board, which plays the role of thermal insulation, and the heating groove cover plate structure adopts water sealing mechanism to prevent steam from overflowing from the tank cover.
At the top of the spray shed in the heating section, an exhaust mechanism is adopted, which is equipped with an exhaust pipe and exhaust fan, and the rest of the section is sealed with a brush strip, which solves the phenomenon of steam running and overflowing.
The trough liquid in the heating process is heated by hot water of natural gas water heater. Close the cycle and save energy.
The water washing tank adopts countercurrent complementary mode to save water resources; pure water equipment is equipped with concentrated liquid water tank and pump, which is pumped to water washing 1 to make full use of water resources.
The medicine liquid spray pump adopts stainless steel liquid pump without shaft seal, which has the advantages of less maintenance and long service life.
All connecting pipes are easy to disassemble, wash and maintain.

3.3 Introduction of conveying mode.
The suspension chain adopts QXT250/50KG. Adopt three drives and three tensioners. Equipped with C-type hanger and oil connecting plate to reduce pollution to the work-piece.

3.4 Introduction of curing oven. 
The curing oven is divided into moisture drying channel and powder curing oven, which is combined and separated by diaphragm. The bridge type is adopted. Save energy. Adopt three-layer staggered seam structure, good heat preservation and energy saving.
The drying and curing oven are heated by direct combustion of natural gas, there is no smoke pipe emission, and energy is saved.
The curing oven is equipped with an exhaust pipe, and the exhaust port is located in the bridge section, which is at a low temperature to reduce energy consumption.
The heating room is equipped with an inspection door, which is also the inlet of cold air during cooling.
The entrance and exit section of the baking road is equipped with hoarding.
Explosion vent is designed and installed at the top of the baking channel.

3.5 Introduction to isolation rooms.
The isolation room is the powder room.
The isolation room is made of section steel + sandwich rock wool board and glass, which is fire resistant, beautiful and generous. And equipped with three anti-lighting lights.

3.6 Powder coating system.
One set of imported double recycled powder house is used online.

3.7 Introduction of electronic control system.
The electronic control system adopts the principle of centralized control and decentralized setting.
It adopts PLC+ touch screen control and has two modes of self-operation and manual operation.
Each related part is provided with interlock;
The liquid storage tank is equipped with a liquid level meter, and the low liquid level is interlocked with the water pump and gives an alarm.

3.8 Others.
8T/ hours of wastewater treatment
The air conditioner in the powder room isolation room
Exhaust gas system