LPG cylinder powder coating line

1.The machine is used for Φ320×H700mm(15KG).

2.Working efficiency: 1000 pcs/8hr

3.Linear speed:1.1m/min

4.Dimension of the powder spray booth:L4.5m*W1.3m*H4.3m

5.Npositions: 3 +1 (3 automatic torch positions and 1 manual powder position)


1. Products Description

Specifications as below:

Max. workpiece size: Φ314xH625mm

Workpiece weight: ≤30kg

Braced chain: QXT250/50Kg light chain

Machine capacity: 1000pcs/8hours

Heating source: Nature gas

Hanging type: One cylinder every two-pitch, that means one cylinder per 500mm

Powder coating for LPG cylinder

2. Technical parameter

This line consists of powder coating chamber, booth, curing bake, suspend conveyor and electric control system.

No Name Transit time Working temperature Operation
1 Loading RT Manual
2 Powder coating RT Auto+manual
3 Curing 17-18min 180-190 Heated air circle
4 cooling 20min
5 unloading Manual

longterm powder coating line

3.Package & Delivery

Powder coating machine package



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