Electrophoresis line / Environmental Protection Engineering Waste water Treatment System Powder Coating Line

Technology Part:

1.outside size (LxWxH) 6000x1400x2700mm

2. ventilation system 2 units 5.5kw centrifugal fan

3. powder recycling system 2 units×4pcs/unit filter cartridges

4. wall panel , 1.5mm thick cold plates coated with paint

5. transmission line high quality C-steel line

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Production line general introduction and technical characteristics

1 This equipment consists of pre-treatment, electrophoresis, curing drying tunnel, catenary system, electrical control system, etc.
2. Pre-processing and post-processing.
The pre-treatment adopts a spraying process to effectively remove impurities. The shed body and the liquid storage tank are all made of stainless steel; the spraying side plate is a single-layer plate to ensure no leakage and beautiful appearance.
The spraying pipeline adopts stainless steel pipe and PP pipe, and the quick connector is used to connect with the main pipe. It does not use live connection, which can be easily disassembled, washed and maintained;

wastewater treatment system
The spray liquid storage tank is made of double-layer stainless steel, which is covered with rock wool board for thermal insulation. The cover structure of the spray heating tank mouth uses a water seal mechanism to prevent steam from overflowing from the tank cover.
For convenient maintenance, an maintenance platform is providedwastewater treatment system.

wastewater treatment system
The water washing tank adopts a countercurrent complementary method to save water resources; pure water equipment is equipped with a concentrated liquid water tank and a water pump, which is sprayed