Euro 90


Coating in automatic mode

Euro 90 is the plant for industrial powder painting of half ready-made and ready-made metal products with fully automatized production stages. This device applies to companies which manufacture serial products as well as to companies providing painting services, which seek to guarantee fast delivery to their own clients.

In the ’90s, as the demand for powder painting plants arises, a wish to manufacture painting systems pushed the company Euroimpianti to engineering creativity. Willing to optimize our manufacturing processes and to appeal to the needs of individual clients at the same time, our qualified technicians projected the first Euro 90: a painting device constructed with standard parts for fast delivery and with unmatched price and quality ratio.

Euro 90 is composed of a complete coating cycle:

  • loading area
  • washing pretreatment tunnel
  • drying oven with air curtains
  • automatic powder coating booth
  • curing oven
  • unloading area

Euro 90 can paint any metal item – chairs, office furniture, refrigerators, bicycles, boilers, panels in general, etc.

The possibility to project each separate plant, by starting with replaceable parts, provides infinite combo possibilities, at the same time maintaining unchanged the below described advantages. Different part combos are projected regarding the extents of  manufacturing, specific needs and parts, which need painting.

One of the most important features of this automatic painting system is the possibility to expand the technological cycle of pre-treatment: able to apply intended chemical washing, depending on processing metal type (iron, aluminium etc.) and its alloy. High-quality parts surface preparation – regarding a combination of chemicals and time of each preparation stage – allows to achieve highest quality of processing product: mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, brightness and tint.


  • fast delivery / assembly / testing. Because of parts’ standardization – already applied during the project phase, we can work quickly and deliver the products in about 60 days. Our staff of qualified technicians installs and tries out the client’s product.
  • competitive price/quality ratio. Plant manufacturing based on standardized parts, thus cutting the time of project and manufacturing, which means that the Euro 90 system has a very competitive price and quality ratio in comparison with other similar plants. Long time experience also provides the opportunity of continuous improvements to the painting system: serial production, spare parts storage, error free manufacturing process and quick delivery – all of that is a system reliability guarantee.
  • spare parts for immediate delivery. With more than 1000 installed complete painting plants Euro 90 across the globe, we can boast of great amounts of ready to be ordered spare parts.
  • system keeping in step with the times. Every Euro 90 plant is easily applicable and changeable in time. Every new technological change and every improvement from our R&D department could always be installed into existing painting systems. For manufacturing and for a change of its extent needs, our technicians suggest combinations, updates of devices and changes of its parts. That way Euro90 never ages.

Expert advice

The evaluation of a proper investment is very important when a customer is deciding to buy a new coating system and possible costs – arising from normal and common maintenance of the device – should be carefully analyzed. It is necessary to calculate energy costs: electricity and heating energy, usage of water, chemical substances, overspray in percent, costs of waste removal – this is the most important strategy in order to make business and to be competitive. Regardless whether your company is providing painting services or manufacturing of already painted products energy saving is the synonym of maintaining constant resources.


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