Painting in horizontal mode

EuroHorizontal is the horizontal coating system for aluminium profiles and other products, for example gate, garage doors, blinds and all those metal objects with large sizes but limited thickness.

The horizontal plants, each equipped with highly customized pretreatment cycles, are composed of:

  • pretreatment tunnel; each washing phase is separated from the other with automatic interstage doors, so that chemical pollution cannot occur between a treatment and the other
  • drying oven; it is provided with accumulation area and automatic doors at entrance and exit in order to avoid unnecessary heat escaping.
  • painting booth, horizontal plant can be designed with one or more automatic and manual booths, depending on customer’s productivity.
  • IR gelling oven; before entering into the curing oven, metal pieces go through a gelling process area, that is a tunnel made by using IR lamps. This preheating zone helps powder paint “lock” on covered surfaces and avoid its dispersion when pieces will stay in the ventilated area of the polymerization oven.
  • polymerization oven; hot air ventilated oven with indirect combustion chamber, provided with accumulation area and automatic doors.
  • cooling and unloading area with automatic descender.

Metal pieces are hanged in  horizontal position to a birail conveyor that allows full automatic operations.

Our system are designed to follow the directions of the Qualicoat organisation. Their main aim is to provide best practice rules to obtain a good quality coating on aluminium.


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