Painting in vertical mode

For Euroimpianti, to provide vertical painting plant means to provide a complete system made of high quality materials, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, great flexibility and ease of use. Thanks to its know-how and new technology research, Euroimpianti has established itself in the field of painting aluminium profiles with the aim to satisfy the needs of the even more demanding market.

Nowadays, those who paint aluminium profiles require a vertical painting system really dimensioned to efficiently respond to the demand of the final customer.

Below, find out which are the Euroimpianti’s technical answers.

Quick color change. More and more often, production line batches are fragmented with a high number of colors changes. Therefore it becomes very important to avoid downtimes of color change operations and thereby to reduce “the holes in line”. Thanks to Quick Color Booth, the new generation painting booth for aluminium profiles, it is possible to change color in just 5 minutes with just one operator. The two main advantages of this booth are: to save on labor and to reduce at most the single batch without leaving spaces on conveyor between one color and the next one.
Energy savings. Nowadays, the average energy cost impacts the total of operating costs by 7%. Through the introduction of technical solutions aimed at the reduction of electric power and expenditure of thermal energy as much as possible, Eurovertical optimizes fuel consumption in order to supply to the user a painting plant that can output a a price competitive finished product. At entrance and at exit, the ovens are equipped with mechanical seal for minimizing the losses of heat and for keeping a fixed internal temperature. Moreover, pre-treatment tunnels wash profiles from above with a special cascades system that works at very low pressure. All the tanks underlying tunnel are tested and the hot tanks are well-insulated.

To reduce investment cost of start-up. Being able to provide a high quality plant against of an initial sustainable investment is obtainable in two ways: first optimizing our production process through standard components and then thinking about a very compact painting plant. The standardization of components is our daily challenge. In fact, we always apply this logic in all our production in order to assure speed delivery and so to reduce cost of installation and testing. On the other hand, to offer a compact plant allows the customer to have a system that takes up little space: a compact plant is easier to monitor using less staff. Paying attention to the whole layout, it is possible to set the coating line in about 700/800 square meters (depending on the speed of the conveyor) with a maximum high of 11/12 meters from floor.
Intensive exploitation (24 hours per day). In Europe, very few vertical plants work 24 hours per day because of the high cost for labor (about 10/12 workers per shift). In order to make profitable the night shift, it is necessary to automate the entire painting process as much as possible. EuroVertical lines run with just 4/5 people.
Flexibility. The use of a flexible coating plant for aluminium profiles ensures several advantages: no longer need of stocking up the warehouse, square meters saving and less workers for material handling. The flexibility is provided thanks to a system that allows quick color changes without losing productivity.

Euroimpianti offers maintenance and consulting lifetime to their existing plants. Also, our staff is able to make changes and improvements to any vertical coating equipment.


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