Painting in manual mode

Komby is an industrial manual coating plant suitable for low production and for retouching, as it gives the ability to upload metal pieces whose surfaces might be treated with different colors. Komby system is perfect for coating different sizes of metallic parts. Moreover, thanks to the modularity of its constructive components, the coating system can be easily modified by adding modules. Let’s see below possible configurations obtained by combining various modules.

Komby Compact

The compact system consists of two modules:

  • powder application booth
  • static polymerization oven

The operator hangs the piece (or pieces) to be treated on the hangers of the overhead conveyor, then using electrostatic guns he manually applies powder coatings on the metal surface inside the booth. Once the pieces are covered of painting, the worker moves and stores metal parts into the polymerization oven. The oven is separated from the painting area by sliding doors.

Komby Compact system can also adapt the washing phase inside of the painting booth. During the washing phase, two motorized blinds close the front access of the booth and hide the posterior suction wall. In this way it is created a closed box with suction and grid which has a central facility for the hot water and is suitable for degreasing of the pieces.

Komby Standard

The standard system consists of three modules:

  • washing booth
  •  drying / curing static oven
  • powder application booth

The operator hangs the piece (or pieces) to be treated on the hangers of the overhead conveyor. In the area dedicated for washing, the operator removes grease form the pieces and sends them to dry into the main oven. At the end of drying, the worker proceeds with the application of varnish. Afterwards the pieces are sent to the polymerization oven.

Komby Standard system can perform simultaneously different working stages and so production capacity increases.

Komby Multiline

Multiline system consists of minimum four modules:

  • accumulation area
  • washing booth
  •  drying / curing static oven
  • powder application booth

An operator hangs the piece (or pieces) to be treated on the hangers of the overhead conveyor. In the central aisle, where various booths composing the whole treatment cycle overlook, there is the space for transferring hangers in the right area and for performing the operations of washing, drying, coating and curing.

When the working cycle is completed, the pieces remain to cool down on the line in the unloading area. This area can also be used as a storage space to optimize the process of filling the oven.

Komby Multiline system increases the hanging space for pieces and it becomes extremely flexible so operators are allowed to work on various stages of the process thereby optimizing the timing and reducing energy consumption thanks to the higher accumulation capacity.


In case the customer needs to increase productivity, the coating system could be extended with additional modules:

  • loading area
  • washing booth
  • drying oven
  • powder application booth
  • curing oven
  • cooling and unloading areas

Komby, the equipment for coating metal surfaces, can also be integrated with liquid painting booth, masking booth, withering rooms.

Expert advices

Komby is also suitable for companies that already have a plant for painting in continuous but have to renounce to paint particular pieces because of:

  • the available passage of the existing plant doesn’t fit with size
  • the small quantities of pieces to be painted are unprofitable because of color change times.

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