Powder Coating Machine / Spray Paint Line For Automotive Wheels Hub


Powder Coating production for Wheel Hub

This series of special powder coatings for aluminum wheel-hub is designed by our company for inner wheel-hub protection and surface vanish. It has the features of smooth appearance, strong adhesion, good resistance to salt spray and complete free polish of the base powder. Our products have been widely adopted by well-known brand car company and wheel-hub manufacturer in both domestic and overseas market.

Pre-Treatment booth

Degreasing → Washing → Pickling and rust removal → Washing → Surface treatment → oxidation → Water washing → Wassivation → Water Washing → Drying

Purpose: Remove oil, dust, rust on the surface of the workpiece, and produce a layer of corrosion resistance, increasing the adhesion of the coating.

Electrophoretic Powder Coating System

With the principle of electrostatic adsorption, evenly spraying a layer of powder coating on the surface of the workpiece; the powder is returned through the recycling system, and can be used after screening.

Converyor  System

According to the customer's workpiece and output information, according to the different requirements of customers, various designs, including plate conveyors, chain conveyors, overhead conveyors, etc.


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