The Difference between Coating Processes


Coating Line

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Types of coating processes

The coating process can generally be divided into powder spraying, painting spraying, and electrophoresis. After surface treatment of the workpiece, according to the requirements of different workpieces on the appearance and corrosion resistance, select the appropriate spraying process and equipment, and pay attention to the control of the leveling, drying, cooling, and other processes, otherwise, it will adversely affect product quality.



Wuxi Longterm Machinery Elevator-powder-coating-line

Powder spraying process


Carrier rocket high temperature gel powder coating--Wuxi Longterm Machinery

The correct name for powder spraying is electrostatic powder spraying, which is not simply a spray gun. The composition of the electrostatic powder spraying equipment is composed of a powder supply barrel (which uses compressed air to supply powder), a high-voltage electrostatic generator, and an electrostatic powder spray gun.



(二)Powder electrostatic surface coating process

Workpiece pretreatment (pre-degreasing → degreasing → water washing 1 → water washing 2 → silanes or caramelization → water washing 3 → water washing 4) → moisture drying → powder spraying → baking curing → inspection → finished product. The workpiece needs to be sufficiently cooled to below 35 ℃ to ensure the physical and chemical properties and appearance quality of the workpiece after dusting.

Painting process


Automobile powder coating---Wuxi Longterm Machinery

Spray paint is to disperse liquid paint (commonly known as paint) into paint mist particles by means of compressed air and adhere to the surface of the object to be coated.


Polishing → Wiping → Electrostatic Dust Removal → Spraying Primer → Leveling of Primer → Surface Drying → Spraying Paint → Leveling of Color Paint → Spraying Varnish → Leveling of Clear Paint → Drying → Cooling


Electrophoresis process


Wheel powder coatingThe workpiece is placed in the electrolyte, and the other electrode in the electrolyte is connected to both ends of the DC power supply respectively, forming an electrolytic circuit. The electrolyte is a conductive water-soluble or water-emulsified paint. The dissociated cations in the paint solution move to the cathode under the action of the electric field force, and the anions move to the anode. The surface of the workpiece loses charge and forms a wet coating.


Hanging → degreasing → washing → derusting → washing → surface adjustment → phosphating → washing → deionized water washing → electrophoresis → washing → deionizing washing → compressed air blowing → drying → hanging down.



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